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Check Out an Extract From Our Fab Article in Yorkshire Consumer Title Huddersfield Eye magazine

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We don’t need much of an excuse to buy clothes and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to hit the shops! So what are your colours at Christmas time and what do they say about you? All colours have a certain amount of symbolism and psychology. Colours can reflect our personalities and characteristics, so whatever you choose to wear this Christmas time make sure it embodies your style.

Be sophisticated in black; The colour black is timeless and elegant; displaying a sense of power and independence. Black is sexy and seductive, so if you want to impress a certain someone this year, then black could hold the key to success!

Draw attention in red: the colour of energy gets heart rates pumping! It’s flirty, fun and carefree making it an ideal Christmas colour – to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, don’t team red and green together during the holidays!

Succeed in gold; Gold exudes luxury and quality. It is a warming colour that draws all the right attention due to the optimism and confidence it helps to convey. Gold can be shiny, glittery and happy – perfect for this time of year.

Illuminate in silver; Silver is modern and glamorous and holds a certain amount of prestige. Silver will help dazzle everyone this Christmas due to its alluring qualities and charm.

Be playful in green; Green often creates a harmonious balance and is an extremely relaxing colour. But don’t be fooled! Wearing green reflects positivity and strength.

Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian knows just how important colour choices are when it comes to clothes. “Colour makes life beautiful and meaningful. It enables us to showcase our feelings, emotions and personalities. If everyone wore the same, it would make for a pretty boring world wouldn’t it?! Asmar Equestrian understands how important the right colour can be when it comes to clothes. Not only can colours be individual, but they can help a person’s complexion appear healthy and smooth, or highlight certain features such as someone’s hair or eyes. Christmas is a great time of year to choose a colour you might usually shy away from. It’s the perfect opportunity to be fun, daring or sexy. Whatever your mood or style there is a colour to suit you.”

Asmar Equestrian is an innovative clothing manufacturer inspired by the outdoor lifestyle. The entire clothing range incorporates classic beauty with hints of fashion.

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How important is a changing room?

Could a small make-over to a changing room help to generate more sales?

Changing rooms are an important part of all retail outlets, but often they remain one of the most under-serviced parts of the store. According to Envision Retail, a London-based consultancy, customers who use a fitting room are 71 percent more likely to buy — and buy twice as much — than those simply browsing the sales floor. The consultancy went on to find that if customers were offered a personal service while in the changing room, they would buy nearly three times more than the casual shopper.

Many retailers spend a huge amount of time researching how best to service their changing rooms. They create elaborate strategies such as slimming mirrors and specific lighting in order to increase sales. Not all retailers have to make such dramatic changes, however. Simple methods such as making people feel more comfortable can help. If your changing rooms are in need of an update, or are even dirty or slightly dingy, people will be less likely to try clothes on, and these conditions will turn customers away pretty fast. As previously mentioned, you need those buyers in your changing rooms!

The full article is out now in the current issue of ETN magazine.


Trade title reports on clothing designer Noel Asmar’s baby news…

UK trade title ETN reports on the happy baby news from Asmar Equsestrian’s CEO, Noel Asmar…

Entry 4 from the diary of Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We are serialising her diary entries over the next week:

It was the trot up day, so I rode in the morning, and it was absolute chaos. People jumping, tractors in the warm up, which was only about 30×30 with a pillar in the middle. At one point, everyone had to go around the same way until someone shouted to change the rein and everyone proceeded to go in the other direction, it was incredible, and like nothing I had ever seen before! However, it made me access my warm up as it was limited what I could do, and made us concentrate more on ourselves rather that the other 50 horses around us. Noki was a saint and trotted next to people leaping over jumps, and was not phased in the slightest. It was almost as if he got into his own zone too.

The trot up went well, and my trainer Ange did a great job with turning him out so smart, I had clipped him the day before we left which helped, but the pressure was on to get every single hair!

We then headed back to the hotel for an early night as my class was in the morning the next day, and I wanted to do the arena walk at 6.30 to get him into the arena again. The arena walk was also amazing as we were in at the same time as the senior dressage riders were training; so many famous faces, and horses to admire and get inspired by.

I was drawn straight after the break in my class, but just before the break was the European champion, German rider Sanneke Rothenburger, which was quite a tough draw. However we didn’t let anything phase us and Noki warmed up really well. We put the double bridle on half way through to let him get used to it, but he was opening his mouth quite a lot. I much prefer to ride in a snaffle, as I can hold the reins better; Noki feels more comfortable in a snaffle, but for international able bodied competition, it is compulsory.

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We ask Noel Asmar…

…what is your favorite piece from your Asmar Equestrian collection?

“The All Weather RiderTM– it’s flattering on all body shapes and it’s the one “must have” piece in a rider’s wardrobe. I have one in every color! This jacket takes me out on the trails regardless of the weather – keeps me and my saddle dry as it zips up in the back and front to unveil a waterproof skirt that covers your saddle. The jacket stretches – perfect for riding, training, barn chores and even out to run errands.”




Asmar Equestrian is seeking distributors and retailers

Asmar Equestrian, part of Noel Asmar Design Inc, the Canadian brand of timeless fitness and leisurewear, is seeking UK-based retailers to join its growing team.

Asmar Equestrian launched in the UK at the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) International trade show in February 2011, winning the BETA Innovation Award for Most Innovative Rider Clothing with its stunning All Weather Rider™ jacket.

Asmar Equestrian’s outerwear range includes rich colour palettes and traditional, ageless styles with a flattering fit. “We have been delighted with the response so far from UK retailers, but are still considering applications from new retailers that would be interested in stocking this range of sophisticated, yet technical products,” says company CEO, Noel Asmar.

“We are specifically looking for boutique shops, online stores and county retailers whose customers enjoy being around and riding horses. While our competition clothing is firmly designed with horse riders that compete in mind, we also have a range of casual wear and outer wear that is enjoyed by equestrian spectators and fashion enthusiasts alike,” Noel explains.

Retailers should email their enquiries to:

The company’s web pages are –

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Please bookmark Asmar Equestrian’s social pages and share with your friends!

We are delighted to share with you the details of our social media hubs and look forward to connecting with new friends online – please bookmark these pages today, and come along to Facebook to follow us; we are currently running a competition with to win an amazing Asmar All Weather Rider Jacket. “Just received my “All Weather Rider”; the quality is top notch and the design is so unique” says customer Anne Kralman of the product.

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Many thanks; the Asmar Equestrian team.

Asmar wins 2011 BETA award for riding clothes

Asmar Equestrian returned from the annual British Equestrian Trade Association’s International Exhibition with the Award for the Most Innovative Rider Clothing of the Year 2011. Asmar won for its All Weather Rider™ jacket judged to be an “elegant, multi-functionalgarment, well tailored to allow plenty of movement and flexibility”.

The patent pending coat transforms to cover riders and most saddles from the weather. A hidden zipper gusset at the center back and front unveils awaterproof skirt to extend over the saddle. Zippers at the cuffs with a builtin cuff prevent hay and rain from entering the sleeve. The fabric is bondedwith a lightweight fleece backing for warmth without bulk. The fabric iswaterproof, windproof and stretches in all directions. The All Weather Riderjacket is designed for riders who want to ride in virtually any weather.

In accepting the award, Noel Asmar, CEO, rider and designer, expressed gratitude not only to BETA but the scores of retailers who have ordered the line of rider specific clothing designed to perform with the use of sophisticated technical fabrics that stretch to enhance the comfort and practicality of the collection.

Asmar Equestrian outerwear debuted in North America at AETA in January and in Europe at BETA in February, featuring a rich color palette and styles with a play on tradition highlighted by elongated silhouettes for a flattering, ageless style in and out of the ring.

Noel Asmar has been designing for some of the world’s best known lifestyle brands for over a decade. Inspired by her own love for the equestrian lifestyle, Asmar focuses on creating distinguished apparel with technical savvy and details that clearly define the brand.

Asmar Equestrian walks the BETA runway

Asmar Equestrian makes their official debut in Europe on the BETA Runway with an inspirational scene that presented a new sense of fashion for the equine fashionistas. Asmar Equestrian Dazzles the audience with delightful details, hidden gussets come to life on the catwalk as the models unzip back and front skirts on The All Weather Rider™ coat to demonstrate how this award winning coat transforms to cover you and your saddle!