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Asmar Equestrian sponsored rider Sophie Wells receives an MBE

Sophie Wells London Olympics









An MBE rounds off what has been an amazing year for sponsored rider Sophie Wells. The paralympic rider sponsored by Asmar Equestrian has been honoured by the Queen in the New Year’s Honours list after Sophie contributed hugely to the success of Equestrian sport at London 2012.

The grade IV rider gained individual silver on  Dr Jackie and Dr Neil Walker’s horse Pinocchio in both the freestyle and individual tests which are approximately equal to the complexity of a Prix St George level test. Sophie also won her team test contributing her high score to the overall Team Gold placing.

Nottinghamshire based Sophie Wells is not just your average rider, from a non horsey background Sophie has managed the rare condition; Amniotic Band Syndrome, alongside riding, which affects blood flow, development and movement to achieve success at National, European and now Olympic level.

Modest and humble as ever Sophie said “I’m so proud to say that I have been awarded an MBE!!! It’s so exciting and I can’t believe it! I definitely think this honour should be shared with my amazing horse Pinocchio and my fantastic coach, Angela Weiss.” about receiving the honour.

Supplying Sophie with the finest equestrian clothing Asmar is available online at and from a selection of  retailers. Asmar Equestrian designs a range of quality, stylish riding apparel suitable for day-to-day and the show ring. The entire range incorporates classic beauty, fashion and optimum functionality for riders who deserve the best.

Check Out an Extract From Our Fab Article in Yorkshire Consumer Title Huddersfield Eye magazine

Hudds Eye Jan 2013 Xmas colours _ Asmar pg 1










We don’t need much of an excuse to buy clothes and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to hit the shops! So what are your colours at Christmas time and what do they say about you? All colours have a certain amount of symbolism and psychology. Colours can reflect our personalities and characteristics, so whatever you choose to wear this Christmas time make sure it embodies your style.

Be sophisticated in black; The colour black is timeless and elegant; displaying a sense of power and independence. Black is sexy and seductive, so if you want to impress a certain someone this year, then black could hold the key to success!

Draw attention in red: the colour of energy gets heart rates pumping! It’s flirty, fun and carefree making it an ideal Christmas colour – to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, don’t team red and green together during the holidays!

Succeed in gold; Gold exudes luxury and quality. It is a warming colour that draws all the right attention due to the optimism and confidence it helps to convey. Gold can be shiny, glittery and happy – perfect for this time of year.

Illuminate in silver; Silver is modern and glamorous and holds a certain amount of prestige. Silver will help dazzle everyone this Christmas due to its alluring qualities and charm.

Be playful in green; Green often creates a harmonious balance and is an extremely relaxing colour. But don’t be fooled! Wearing green reflects positivity and strength.

Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian knows just how important colour choices are when it comes to clothes. “Colour makes life beautiful and meaningful. It enables us to showcase our feelings, emotions and personalities. If everyone wore the same, it would make for a pretty boring world wouldn’t it?! Asmar Equestrian understands how important the right colour can be when it comes to clothes. Not only can colours be individual, but they can help a person’s complexion appear healthy and smooth, or highlight certain features such as someone’s hair or eyes. Christmas is a great time of year to choose a colour you might usually shy away from. It’s the perfect opportunity to be fun, daring or sexy. Whatever your mood or style there is a colour to suit you.”

Asmar Equestrian is an innovative clothing manufacturer inspired by the outdoor lifestyle. The entire clothing range incorporates classic beauty with hints of fashion.

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Your Horse Magazine Features The All Weather Rider Jacket By Asmar Equestrian

AE T&T AWR jacket Your Horse Jan 2013 low res

The Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider Jacket has been put to the test in this month’s Your Horse Magazine.

The buyers’ guide offered by the magazine looks at and compares products provided by leading retailers.  This month brought about the assessment of a range of Waterproof Jackets and we are pleased to declare the All Weather Rider Jacket stood up well to the competition!

Reviews reported the All Weather Rider to be “slim fitting, flattering and looks smart” with testers saying the jacket is “well worth the money” and that “the hidden skirt and riding vent are fantastic, and make this jacket really comfortable for riding in whilst keeping your legs nice and dry.” To read the full review pick up a copy of Your Horse magazine today.

We know our jacket is nothing like anything else on the market providing a true connection between style and functionality, but it is nice to know our testers agree!

The design of the All Weather Rider is unique. This award winning jacket contains both front and back zips which unveil a hidden skirt. The skirt innovation fits comfortably and easily over your legs and saddle keeping you warm and dry, whatever the weather brings! When not in use the skirts simply snap back into place providing a truly elegant coat whether you are riding or hitting the high street!

There is an All Weather Rider Jacket for everyone with sizes ranging from XS-XXL and a wide choice of colours; Black, Black plaid, Brown plaid, Camel, Charcoal, Navy, Plum, Red, and Olive

For more information or to find your nearist Asmar Equestrian stockist visit the website:

The final entry from Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We have been serialising her diary entries, and this is the final entry.

The day of the kur, or dressage to music, and I was drawn first – typical, but my own fault as I had to draw the ball out of the hat!! But i’m all about setting the standard on the day as that’s something we cannot control! Noki felt good warming up, and when we went around the arena, it was really buzzing in there as it was a Saturday evening and many people had come to watch. When Noki heard his music he got a little excited, which was lovely because he does love his music, but it did ‘up’ him 3 gears. It caused a few mistakes, however it was an amazing opportunity to be put in that situation, being exposed to it and to experience it, and I have no doubt we will have come out of it stronger. We dropped one place in the freestyle to 7th, but in the scheme of things, being the World Cup final, I was very pleased with it. The judges were all very complimentary about us, and obviously we are different, with me being a para rider at an able bodied major competition; however we seemed to be received really well.

Noki really showed off in the prize giving doing the biggest extended trot I’ve ever sat on, he felt incredible. I’m so pleased he enjoyed it too, as I so enjoyed it, and I’m glad it didn’t stress him out, he looked very pleased with himself after. Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff had arranged for each rider to have a photo printed for when we came out of the prize giving in a specially engraved photo frame, which I gave to Noki’s owners Jackie and Neil, as they have allowed me to ride him and are so supportive. We went out for a celebratory meal that night with them before they had to fly back home and it really was lovely, I really appreciate all the hard work everybody who supported me out there, Jackie, Neil , Ange and Mark, had done and made it such an enjoyable and memorable trip.

I feel it has been great preparation ahead of London 2012 this year and our campaign for it will get under way now. I am trying to look at my finances to see whether it is possible and figure out where would be the best to be based next year. Angela Weiss has been amazing in her training, and help and support over all the years she has helped me, and I feel basing with her in the run up to London will give more continuity and enable her to overlook every aspect of training and care of the horses for next year. We are a fantastic team and I couldn’t do it without her!

Sunday morning we did some shopping before we left, it was quite sad to leave as I had enjoyed it so much! We hit blizzards on the way home coming through France, but we did get into the Christmas spirit when we stopped for fuel….

Thank you to everyone, all my sponsors and supporters, amazing team, family, friends, who have made this year possible. Next year… we come!

I was able to wear my new Asmar Equestrian Hunter Jacket, which has my sponsors’ logos on the front and back -it was great to wear around the venue and when I was riding.

The first show at Hickstead

The Carpetright Derby is one of the most famous equestrian events in the world. Founded in 1960 by the late Douglas Bunn, it is the only competition that sees riders take on the front descent of the infamous Derby Bank, the biggest of its kind to be found anywhere in the world.

This iconic event makes heroes of its human and equine stars. The course is as famous as the horses and riders that embark upon it. No other event in the world asks this much of its entrants, and no other course creates this type of drama.

And if you want more…

Here is a list of other events happening at Hickstead

  • Senior national showjumping classes
  • Horse of the Year Show showing qualifiers
  • A polo exhibition match
  • Carriage driving
  • The Mini Challenge – it’s the place to discover the stars of tomorrow

The British Jumping Derby Meeting is a must for any horse lover! It showcases riders of all ages and abilities.

Look out for us!! ENM Solutions Ltd, from Albourne in East Sussex, will be exclusively retailing some of our key items at the Hickstead Derby on stand no 26, opposite the main International arena.

For more on Hickstead visit –

Get your Asmar Equestrian clothes at Hickstead

ENM Solutions Ltd, from Albourne in East Sussex, will be exclusively retailing some of our key items at the Hickstead Derby on stand no 26, opposite the main International arena.

ENM Solutions will be showcasing our high-end waterproof jackets, gilets, long sleeved tops and also show wear.

CEO Noel Asmar says the entire range incorporates classic beauty with strong hints of fashion. “All our pieces include equestrian tailoring and practical features, but are also very beautiful. This summer we have some wonderful show wear items which will fit the Hickstead demographic perfectly.”


An essential yard item – the hat

When your horse alarm goes off at 5am, the thought of getting up even earlier to blow dry your hair is quite simply a ridiculous notion.

Horses can be loving, demonstrative, honest, loyal and above all do not judge us – if only our partners were similar! Bearing all of this in mind, our hair is just not a top priority at the stables. However, if we can pull off looking a little fashionable with a small amount of effort, that would be perfect.

The Eazy Fit Ball Cap by Asmar Equestrian is a great addition to their fashion range. It is available in Plum and will brighten up any yard outfit. This stylish and elegant cap comes with an adjustable back tab allowing a tightened or lose fit. Hair can also be tied back with ease.

The most beautiful ride of our lives…

Anne McNamara and Laura Pierz recently went on a riding holiday to the Scottish Highlands. They rode Higland Ponies through the Scottish countryside around Blair Atholl Castle and Newtonmore. They took their All Weather Rider Jackets with them, for which they were eternally grateful!

“We wore the All Weather jacket for nine days. Several days of driving sideways rain and we stayed totally dry. great product!!!!” 

Our popular award winning coat transforms to keep you and most saddles dry in all weather conditions.

Anne and Laura sent in some pictures of their trip. We are extremely jealous as the pictures look beautiful!






If you have any pictures that you would like to send in to us then please do so. We love looking at them all.

Sophie Wells Article

We were so pleased to see our sponsored rider, Sophie Wells feature in the May edition of HORSE magazine. Pick up your copy from all good equestrian retailers.

“Sophie, 22, pushes herself to compete in able-bodied events, contesting two Young Rider European Championships. She is the only paradressage rider to have done so.”

Sophie (below) can be seen wearing Asmar Equestrian’s Merino Wool Turtleneck, which creates a fashionable, warm look – without the bulk.



“Anyone who has watched paradressage can tell you about the calibre of the riding.”

Sophie was also featured wearing the Hunter Jacket by Asmar Equestrian – the stylish sport jacket designed for performance.

Can’t wear black in the summer? Think again!

Our popular polo shirt and long sleeved T are now available in black!

No longer do you have to worry about black absorbing the heat and making you uncomfortable and hot. The technical design of these tops consists of a Chitosante treatment, allowing the garment to be absorbent, durable, fast-drying and static-free, which ultimately means black, is back in fashion for the summer!

The long sleeved T and polo shirt, both available in black are out now! Be one of the first to order these great tops in a timeless colour.