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Your Horse Magazine Features The All Weather Rider Jacket By Asmar Equestrian

AE T&T AWR jacket Your Horse Jan 2013 low res

The Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider Jacket has been put to the test in this month’s Your Horse Magazine.

The buyers’ guide offered by the magazine looks at and compares products provided by leading retailers.  This month brought about the assessment of a range of Waterproof Jackets and we are pleased to declare the All Weather Rider Jacket stood up well to the competition!

Reviews reported the All Weather Rider to be “slim fitting, flattering and looks smart” with testers saying the jacket is “well worth the money” and that “the hidden skirt and riding vent are fantastic, and make this jacket really comfortable for riding in whilst keeping your legs nice and dry.” To read the full review pick up a copy of Your Horse magazine today.

We know our jacket is nothing like anything else on the market providing a true connection between style and functionality, but it is nice to know our testers agree!

The design of the All Weather Rider is unique. This award winning jacket contains both front and back zips which unveil a hidden skirt. The skirt innovation fits comfortably and easily over your legs and saddle keeping you warm and dry, whatever the weather brings! When not in use the skirts simply snap back into place providing a truly elegant coat whether you are riding or hitting the high street!

There is an All Weather Rider Jacket for everyone with sizes ranging from XS-XXL and a wide choice of colours; Black, Black plaid, Brown plaid, Camel, Charcoal, Navy, Plum, Red, and Olive

For more information or to find your nearist Asmar Equestrian stockist visit the website:

An essential yard item – the hat

When your horse alarm goes off at 5am, the thought of getting up even earlier to blow dry your hair is quite simply a ridiculous notion.

Horses can be loving, demonstrative, honest, loyal and above all do not judge us – if only our partners were similar! Bearing all of this in mind, our hair is just not a top priority at the stables. However, if we can pull off looking a little fashionable with a small amount of effort, that would be perfect.

The Eazy Fit Ball Cap by Asmar Equestrian is a great addition to their fashion range. It is available in Plum and will brighten up any yard outfit. This stylish and elegant cap comes with an adjustable back tab allowing a tightened or lose fit. Hair can also be tied back with ease.

Sarah Millis, advocate of Asmar Equestrian becomes new blogger for Horse Hero

Our very own Sarah Millis, has become a new blogger for Horse Hero.

Horse Hero is an equestrian video website, which shows how top riders across a wide range of equestrian disciplines look after their horses at home and during competition.

It offers a rare glimpse into the lives of leading professionals, their training methods and their horses.

Horse Hero also films instructional videos. Sarah Millis recently took part in a video providing tips and techniques for viewers. Please look at some of the pictures from the day of filming.












You can read about Sarah on the Horse Hero website by clicking here

Equestrian is so fashionable, even Victoria Beckham is joining in!

Victoria Beckham recently took eldest son Brooklyn horse riding in LA and even tweeted a picture! Click here to see the picture and read the full story.

Monaco Royal and Gucci go Equestrian!

Gucci launches the new ‘Forever Now’ campaign with images of Monaco royal, Charlotte Casiraghi. The first picture was released this week by Gucci and is the first in a series of sittings to take place between Casiraghi and four celebrated fashion photographers over the next two years.

Casiraghi and Gucci have combined their love of horses and riding – Casiraghi is a show jumper, while the label’s founder, Guccio Gucci, appropriated the brand’s signature green and red stripe from the canvas girth strap of a horse’s saddle – to create the campaign.

View the full article and the first picture campaign by clicking here

More adventures of Einstein – the world’s smallest horse

Playing with a ball…and a goat!

Could this be the smallest horse in the world?!

So cute!

Women’s Polo Shirt – A Basic Essential

Contrasting button hole stitching for a stylish touch.

Light weight short sleeved polo.

Longer length so you can tuck it in easily.

100% Polyester with the benefits of ChitoSante treatment, making the fabric breathable, fast drying, odor and pill resistant.

UPF 50 Sun Protection. Machine washable.

Available in Heather Grey, Navy, Plum, Red, White, Aqua and Magenta

Entry six of the diary of Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We are serialising her diary entries over the next week:

We had come sixth in the individual test, and Nokis owners, Jackie & Neil Walker, came out to watch – they were both thrilled with it. It was really nice to see them enjoying it so much and getting the enjoyment out of Noki and how well he did. I’m so appreciative of their support.

In the afternoon we went to the town hall in the middle of Frankfurt, surrounded by their Christmas market which was amazing, to meet the Mayor. The Germans were obviously very proud of the show and of the great horse Totilas, as his name cropped up a few times!! But massive thanks must go to Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, who still supports the young rider final by sponsoring it and giving them the hospitality – I experienced a taster of what it could be like riding there as a senior in the Grand Prix. That evening was also a Welcome Dinner for the dressage riders, with a 3 course meal with amazing food, and we got to chat with some Grand Prix riders who sat on our table. We also had to take part in the Swedish tradition of toasting the horse by standing on the chair and table, which in a 5* hotel restaurant I found a bit amusing as the staff looked quite worried!

I was riding the next day but in the evening; the sound check was at 6am, so I had another early start to get that done and sort Noki out before going back for Breakfast and then back over again to watch the Grand Prix. It was a great opportunity to watch, many big names competing in it, and my trainer Ange and I chatted about it all; I learnt a lot and a lot was also consolidated, as you could see that some of the movements didn’t come off well due to the poor basic way of going, which Ange is also reminding me of all the time. This is why we rarely practise movements because we use exercises to enhance the way of going and the movements get better through that. I could also see that a lot of international riders used that when we watched them warm up.

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Entry 5 from Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We are serialising her diary entries over the next week:

The day of competition had dawned. We were called in and the spotlights really hit you as you trot in, with how bright it is. You suddenly become quite aware of all the eyes on you. The test started well, it was the individual which we are not so well practiced with, as the team test is more commonly used, but before we left , my trainer Angela spent the week breaking the test down into sections and really analysing it, sending me off the homework each night.

Some of movements were the best Noki had done, such as his canter pirouettes, and some of the work was not as good as he could do, and his mouth did come open a few times; but overall I was pleased with it, thrilled with how he coped with it all, and over the moon when our score came up with 68.3%. With 5 high powered judges at such a competition like this, I was so happy. We came 6th in the end, which was an amazing placing considering the best in the world for able bodied young riders were there; my aim was to get into the A final for the freestyle which was the top 7, and I had done it.

It was also encouraging that 4-7th places were only separated by mistakes, which shows the potential. We didn’t quite realise that the prize giving was straight after the class, so we rushed back and got his tack on and me back dressed again in record time, to get there in time, and I was so glad of because the prize giving was something else what with the spotlights; it was dark with them flying all over, but Noki so took it in his stride, and wanted to show off when we went for the lap of honour. I felt privileged to be there in such good company.

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