Entry six of the diary of Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We are serialising her diary entries over the next week:

We had come sixth in the individual test, and Nokis owners, Jackie & Neil Walker, came out to watch – they were both thrilled with it. It was really nice to see them enjoying it so much and getting the enjoyment out of Noki and how well he did. I’m so appreciative of their support.

In the afternoon we went to the town hall in the middle of Frankfurt, surrounded by their Christmas market which was amazing, to meet the Mayor. The Germans were obviously very proud of the show and of the great horse Totilas, as his name cropped up a few times!! But massive thanks must go to Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, who still supports the young rider final by sponsoring it and giving them the hospitality – I experienced a taster of what it could be like riding there as a senior in the Grand Prix. That evening was also a Welcome Dinner for the dressage riders, with a 3 course meal with amazing food, and we got to chat with some Grand Prix riders who sat on our table. We also had to take part in the Swedish tradition of toasting the horse by standing on the chair and table, which in a 5* hotel restaurant I found a bit amusing as the staff looked quite worried!

I was riding the next day but in the evening; the sound check was at 6am, so I had another early start to get that done and sort Noki out before going back for Breakfast and then back over again to watch the Grand Prix. It was a great opportunity to watch, many big names competing in it, and my trainer Ange and I chatted about it all; I learnt a lot and a lot was also consolidated, as you could see that some of the movements didn’t come off well due to the poor basic way of going, which Ange is also reminding me of all the time. This is why we rarely practise movements because we use exercises to enhance the way of going and the movements get better through that. I could also see that a lot of international riders used that when we watched them warm up.

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