How important is a changing room?

Could a small make-over to a changing room help to generate more sales?

Changing rooms are an important part of all retail outlets, but often they remain one of the most under-serviced parts of the store. According to Envision Retail, a London-based consultancy, customers who use a fitting room are 71 percent more likely to buy — and buy twice as much — than those simply browsing the sales floor. The consultancy went on to find that if customers were offered a personal service while in the changing room, they would buy nearly three times more than the casual shopper.

Many retailers spend a huge amount of time researching how best to service their changing rooms. They create elaborate strategies such as slimming mirrors and specific lighting in order to increase sales. Not all retailers have to make such dramatic changes, however. Simple methods such as making people feel more comfortable can help. If your changing rooms are in need of an update, or are even dirty or slightly dingy, people will be less likely to try clothes on, and these conditions will turn customers away pretty fast. As previously mentioned, you need those buyers in your changing rooms!

The full article is out now in the current issue of ETN magazine.


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