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Check Out an Extract From Our Fab Article in Yorkshire Consumer Title Huddersfield Eye magazine

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We don’t need much of an excuse to buy clothes and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to hit the shops! So what are your colours at Christmas time and what do they say about you? All colours have a certain amount of symbolism and psychology. Colours can reflect our personalities and characteristics, so whatever you choose to wear this Christmas time make sure it embodies your style.

Be sophisticated in black; The colour black is timeless and elegant; displaying a sense of power and independence. Black is sexy and seductive, so if you want to impress a certain someone this year, then black could hold the key to success!

Draw attention in red: the colour of energy gets heart rates pumping! It’s flirty, fun and carefree making it an ideal Christmas colour – to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, don’t team red and green together during the holidays!

Succeed in gold; Gold exudes luxury and quality. It is a warming colour that draws all the right attention due to the optimism and confidence it helps to convey. Gold can be shiny, glittery and happy – perfect for this time of year.

Illuminate in silver; Silver is modern and glamorous and holds a certain amount of prestige. Silver will help dazzle everyone this Christmas due to its alluring qualities and charm.

Be playful in green; Green often creates a harmonious balance and is an extremely relaxing colour. But don’t be fooled! Wearing green reflects positivity and strength.

Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian knows just how important colour choices are when it comes to clothes. “Colour makes life beautiful and meaningful. It enables us to showcase our feelings, emotions and personalities. If everyone wore the same, it would make for a pretty boring world wouldn’t it?! Asmar Equestrian understands how important the right colour can be when it comes to clothes. Not only can colours be individual, but they can help a person’s complexion appear healthy and smooth, or highlight certain features such as someone’s hair or eyes. Christmas is a great time of year to choose a colour you might usually shy away from. It’s the perfect opportunity to be fun, daring or sexy. Whatever your mood or style there is a colour to suit you.”

Asmar Equestrian is an innovative clothing manufacturer inspired by the outdoor lifestyle. The entire clothing range incorporates classic beauty with hints of fashion.

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The importance of a changing room

Changing rooms are an important aspect of buying clothes. If a company gets it wrong, we may not buy from them…

Noel Asmar advices retailers on how to get improve their changing rooms. Do you agree with her points and tips?

The best retail experience possible

Before completely renovating your existing fitting rooms, a few slight changes to your sales technique could help. Accompanying a potential buyer into the changing rooms or having a sales assistant there can dramatically increase the chances of a sale; a customer who has to go back and forth to change clothes and get different sizes can quickly find themselves stressed and fed-up. A steady stream of clothes being bought to the customer will enhance their shopping experience and will not inconvenience them. Having someone on the shop floor encouraging the use of the changing rooms could also help turn a potential browser into a paying customer. But remember, you need great service in order to get your customers into those dressing rooms in the first place! Having enthusiastic, approachable and personable assistants will ensure the best retail experience possible. It will elevate your brand and keep customers coming back.

Women in particular can be a little fussy when it comes to changing rooms. Not only do they demand a clean place to try clothes on, but all the little touches and extra finishes leave a lasting impression. Hooks and hangers would be a great addition, if you’re looking for inspiration, as stripping off and putting their clothes in a pile straight on the floor isn’t a great way to start off the customer’s experience with you. A bit of space always helps, as small changing rooms can quickly become annoying and not a place you want to spend much time in, if they are too tiny.

The full feature is available in the current edition of ETN magazine.

How important is a changing room?

Could a small make-over to a changing room help to generate more sales?

Changing rooms are an important part of all retail outlets, but often they remain one of the most under-serviced parts of the store. According to Envision Retail, a London-based consultancy, customers who use a fitting room are 71 percent more likely to buy — and buy twice as much — than those simply browsing the sales floor. The consultancy went on to find that if customers were offered a personal service while in the changing room, they would buy nearly three times more than the casual shopper.

Many retailers spend a huge amount of time researching how best to service their changing rooms. They create elaborate strategies such as slimming mirrors and specific lighting in order to increase sales. Not all retailers have to make such dramatic changes, however. Simple methods such as making people feel more comfortable can help. If your changing rooms are in need of an update, or are even dirty or slightly dingy, people will be less likely to try clothes on, and these conditions will turn customers away pretty fast. As previously mentioned, you need those buyers in your changing rooms!

The full article is out now in the current issue of ETN magazine.


5th November – Do you worry about your horse?

Although Firework night can be great, it can be a worrying time for horse owners. Horses are often  upset by both the sound and sight of fireworks going off.

Read these top tips from World Horse Welfare to help ease the stress of Firework Night.

  • It may be best to stable your horse if firework displays are close by – sometimes just shutting the top door to lessen the effect of the flashing lights can help.
  • Put a radio on to help mask the noise of the fireworks.
  • Give your horse plenty of hay to keep it occupied.
  • Check your horse during the evening to make sure they are ok. If you can, it’s often a good idea to stay with them because your presence may have a calming effect.
  • Sometimes it’s a good idea to put cotton wool into their ears to muffle the sound. Not all horses will accept this, so consider your horse’s temperament, but it can make all the difference.

Stable Care

Make sure you have sand and water nearby in case of a fire around the stables.

If you keep your horse at livery you should be familiar with the fire drills – make sure you know where you should go with your horse.

Field Care

In the morning check your field for any stray fireworks.

Feel free to post your tips and advice.