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Sarah Millis trains Grand Prix horse Privaldi

Grand Prix dressage rider Sarah Millis, and advocate rider of Asmar Equestrian, trains the 14 year old Grand Prix horse Privaldi on responsiveness and self-carriage in collected work.

Initially, the focus is on tempo control and balance. “When I close the upper thigh, he must wait, let my seat in and step under more,” says Sarah. Walk pirouettes and transitions increase the collection leading to piaffe half steps, then piaffe-passage-piaffe transitions. Sarah says “he needs to be relaxed but active and ready, and working off light aids, especially as I am so small”. She concludes “I always try to make it easy for Privaldi to keep his balance but he must want to dance underneath me”.

One viewer has commented “Love hearing Sarah’s clear descriptions of what she is feeling and her responses to the horse as she is riding. Very empathic riding. Looking forward to more!”