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Let the games begin!

As London plays host to the 2012 Olympics, there are just 3 colours to be seen in this summer – Red, White and Blue!

2012 is certainly the year to be patriotic. We have already paid homage to all things regal by celebrating the Queen’s Diamond jubilee and adorning ourselves in fashion memorabilia from Union Jack Wellies by Hunter to the latest Tote bag covered in Corgis by Topshop. Now we need to celebrate the Olympics and support our British athletes by bringing out the Red, White and Blue and adding our own sporting twist.

If you can’t quite see yourself in a replica of Stella McCartney’s figure hugging kit designed for Team GB, then perhaps a fusion of high-performance gear along with high fashion is more your thing.

Teaming our love of the Olympics with the Union Jack, Asmar Equestrian has some gorgeous Red, White and Blue designer clothing. Their timeless Polo Shirts are the epitome of British style along with the softshell stretchy gillet type vests.

Fashion designer Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian is extremely excited about the 2012 Olympics and has been influenced by the latest fashion trends when designing her high performance sportswear with a British twist, she says “The 2012 Olympics is such an exciting time for Britain. It has also allowed us designers to have a little fun of our own! Red, White and Blue are great colours to work with; White is a perfect base colour and goes with almost anything. Red has the misinterpretation of being a daring colour to wear; it’s the colour of love and passion, which makes it very warming. Blue, especially Navy, is a timeless colour that can easily be dressed up or down. It’s not as ‘safe’ as black, making it the perfect colour no matter what the occasion.”

Noel continues, “Our entire clothing range incorporates the classic British style with strong hints of fashion, something we hope this year’s Olympians will love!”

Whether you are a sporting person looking for a British style this year, or simply want to support Team GB, then the Asmar Equestrian clothing range is perfect.  All of their pieces include equestrian tailoring and practical features, but are also very beautiful. They are the perfect example of functionality meeting high-end fashion.

To see all of Asmar Equestrian’s clothing range, visit – UK stockists are listed on the site.