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Exuberant regal tones

Huddlesfield Eye Magazine recently featured a lovely article on regal colours and trends. Our very own Noel Asmar gives her opinions and views on the latest jewel colours…

The bright acid colours of the summer have faded into the majestic realm of jewel inspired tones for autumn and winter. Shine like a gem – think striking and electric sapphire, deep ruby or rich emerald in order to create a real sophisticated look.

Really shine in a bold jewel tone outfit

To imitate the catwalk and make a real statement, just choose one colour and wear it monochromatically. Jasmine di Milo, Chloe, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have all designed omnipotent outfits for a true ostentatious feel. So forget the little black dress and learn to command by being dynamic and distinctive.

If this sounds all a bit too daunting and you’re more of the jeans and trainer type, then why not dazzle up your look by adding a colourful gilet, jacket or polo shirt to your outfit? You’ll remain true to your style while the fashionista inside gleams through.

You could always let your accessories do the sparkling instead. There are a whole range of clutch bags, high-heels and hair jewels on the high street and all available in valuable precious tones.

Fashion designer Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian adores the vivid colours inspired by precious gemstones, she says “Jewel tones have always influenced my designs. Our fashion range is full of vibrant colours, perfect for adding a touch of style and glamour to any outfit. We specialise in countryside and equestrian clothing, which can often be drab and uninspiring. Our most popular colours are the deep reds and regal plums. We appreciate that the right colours can create an elegant sophistication that will make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.”

All of Asmar Equestrian’s pieces include outdoor and equestrian tailoring. They are not only beautiful, but are the perfect example of functionality meeting high-end fashion.

To see all of Asmar Equestrian’s clothing range, visit – UK stockists are listed on the site.