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Men’s Fitness Pant

Men’s fitness pant with a relaxed fit.

Features a wide waistband and drawstring pull.

Chitosante treatment wicks away moisture and allows the garment to be absorbent, breathable, durable, fast-drying, static-free, wrinkle and pill resistant. Fade resistant over repeated washing.


Limited edition Bamboo Turtleneck launched!

Bamboo is a Chinese symbol for longevity because of its durability, strength, flexibility and resilience. Bamboo can survive through the harshest of conditions and stays strong no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us.

When most of our days are spent outdoors or in the saddle, wouldn’t it be great to have a top that could withstand the demand and pressure we expect to face?

Our new Eco-Chic Turtlenecks embodies the power of bamboo. These new limited edition tops are made from a soft, stretchy luxurious bamboo/cotton/spandex blend. Ideal for any condition.

They have extra long sleeves, which can be rolled up or left down to keep your hands cozy and warm.

Available in Black, French Vanilla (cream), Cabernet (Burgundy), Aubergine (deep purple) and Shades of Grey (Charcoal) all with a beautiful contrast stitching on the seams and elbow patches.

Available now!

The Award Winning All Weather Rider

The popular award winning coat that transforms to keep you and most saddles dry in all weather conditions.

Front and back skirt unveil behind a hidden zipper gusset to fit over your saddle.

When the skirts are not in use, they snap elegantly into place.

Removable hood.

A truly functionable garment for any outdoor enthusiast.

3M Reflective safety piping at back.

YKK zippers throughout.

Zippered chest and side pockets for cell phone or personal items.

Inside ribbed sleeve cuff to prevent hay and weather elements from entering.

It’s even machine washable!

Simply Perfect!


Women’s Polo Shirt

Our polo shirts are available in an array of bold colours and technical fabrics, which make these lightweight shirts a wardrobe staple all year round.

The shirt features contrasting button hole stitching for a stylish touch.

It boasts a longer length, so you can tuck it in easily. Made from 100% Polyester with the benefits of ChitoSante antibacterial treatment, making the fabric breathable, fast drying, odour resistant and pill resistant. The shirt also offers SPF 30 Protection.

Look at what was seen in the Xmas gift guide in Absolute Horse

We were so pleased to see our Merino Wool Vest in Absolute Horse Christmas gift ideas section!

We agree! We think our stylish vest is a great idea for Christmas!

Colours to flatter your skin tone

Warm skin tone – rich red, sparkling gold or topaz yellow





Neutral skin tone – you’re the lucky ones! Almost every colour will flatter your skin tone.



Fair skin tone – deep amethyst purple, emerald green, diamond pink or sapphire blue.

Exuberant regal tones

Huddlesfield Eye Magazine recently featured a lovely article on regal colours and trends. Our very own Noel Asmar gives her opinions and views on the latest jewel colours…

The bright acid colours of the summer have faded into the majestic realm of jewel inspired tones for autumn and winter. Shine like a gem – think striking and electric sapphire, deep ruby or rich emerald in order to create a real sophisticated look.

Really shine in a bold jewel tone outfit

To imitate the catwalk and make a real statement, just choose one colour and wear it monochromatically. Jasmine di Milo, Chloe, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have all designed omnipotent outfits for a true ostentatious feel. So forget the little black dress and learn to command by being dynamic and distinctive.

If this sounds all a bit too daunting and you’re more of the jeans and trainer type, then why not dazzle up your look by adding a colourful gilet, jacket or polo shirt to your outfit? You’ll remain true to your style while the fashionista inside gleams through.

You could always let your accessories do the sparkling instead. There are a whole range of clutch bags, high-heels and hair jewels on the high street and all available in valuable precious tones.

Fashion designer Noel Asmar from Asmar Equestrian adores the vivid colours inspired by precious gemstones, she says “Jewel tones have always influenced my designs. Our fashion range is full of vibrant colours, perfect for adding a touch of style and glamour to any outfit. We specialise in countryside and equestrian clothing, which can often be drab and uninspiring. Our most popular colours are the deep reds and regal plums. We appreciate that the right colours can create an elegant sophistication that will make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.”

All of Asmar Equestrian’s pieces include outdoor and equestrian tailoring. They are not only beautiful, but are the perfect example of functionality meeting high-end fashion.

To see all of Asmar Equestrian’s clothing range, visit – UK stockists are listed on the site.

Check out where our Prima Fitness Jacket was seen…

We were delighted to see our Spicy Berry Prima Fitness Jacket appear in a recent edition of Horse & Hound!!

Sophie Well’s London 2012 Story Continues…

The next day it was my turn for our Individual test. I’m glad Grade IV were early in the day as I’m not a fan of waiting around, so we had the same routine as before, and Helen treated my legs before my boots went on this time, all about prevention being better than cure. Noki felt good warming up, focused, but the timings didn’t run as smoothly as the last test, and we had a problem getting my training radios off and then didn’t get a chance to do my pirouettes before going in. Noki was a little more apprehensive going into the stadium for the second time, probably because on the first he didn’t know what to expect, so he did get a little tense. But he stayed with me. The test started well, and now I’m stronger within my position I’m not compensating so much for the lateral work or when he goes against me. I had to try and get a little more relaxation into the walk in the Individual, as in the Team test he was a little tense, but there is also a fine line between having him pinging enough for all the advanced work and extensions, then soft enough for the walk work. I really tried to use every inch of the arena to my advantage, and it was all going well until my first medium canter on the diagonal, we came to collected, then it’s a short length of counter canter to a simple change near the corner. I collected him but we obviously had a small miscommunication and he trotted before the simple change. It’s a small mistake that magnifies with it being an important movement, and also comes off the submission mark. I knew at that point I had blown it… That’s just how it is, you can’t win a Gold medal with mistakes unless your close rivals have mistakes too. I knew unless I was to get 10s for the next few movements I would have lost Gold. It didn’t stop me riding the rest of the test, but that’s horses, and I take responsibility for that. We came out half a percent behind Michele George, close, but just not good enough. I am thrilled to come away with the Silver individually, but of course there is part of me that is disappointed. I think if any elite athlete tells you they are happy to settle for less than Gold it’s a lie, just because we are all going for Gold, that’s why we are there, and have got to the level we have, we train to be the best. But at the same time having a good past record puts pressure on you to do the same again, and people sometimes think it will just happen. It doesn’t. We work hard every day trying to cover every angle, improve every part of the puzzle – because Gold medals don’t come that easy, in fact any medal doesn’t come that easy. Our real aim was to come to London and have 3 good tests, because besides the medal targets, I really wanted to feel like I could ride Noki in the arena and produce the harmony we have been training so long for. I wanted to show Noki off at his best and for myself personally I wanted to be someone my trainer, my owners and my whole team could be proud of. I feel I achieved that, I know I definitely felt so proud watching him walk in for his prize giving, it’s such a team effort, and we have come so far with him, that’s my Gold medal.

I’m thrilled that the team won Gold.  We had secured it before Sophie Christiansen went in to do her Individual test.  Any 3 of the 4 combination scores could have been taken and we would have still won! We won with a Paralympic record score, and Noki and I were the second highest combination.

Sophie Well’s London 2012 Story Continues…

 The 1st September was the first day for individual medals. Tash was early in the Grade IIs again, so I was there early to cheer her on! She rode fab and got a great score, but the 2 German riders put up strong performances which ended up a very close Silver and Bronze in the end. When we found out Tash had won Gold, Lucy jumped on the back of my scooter and we scooted round the other side of the stadium to see her, I knew she would be crying and her mum Lorraine, and then we were all crying. I tell you, it’s catching!! It was what we had dreamed of, and I was so proud of her for doing it! I don’t think I have ever cried so many happy tears for someone else when Tash got on the podium and got her medal, hearing the National Anthem. I was a mess! I had to have serious words with myself after that, as I was pretty exhausted that night, and couldn’t waste any more emotional energy!! Noki went well again in training, we did enough to get him ready for the next day’s competition, but not too much so he would be tired! It’s a fine balance! The British team are so lucky to have the support of UK Sport and Lottery Funding to enable us to have so many support staff to help us do our job. Mark Fisher, the saddler, was there every time I rode to alter the saddle if necessary, as Noki had changed shape through ‘fittening’ up in the last few weeks, so we had a few slipping issues, but all of them sorted immediately by Mark.

Lee went well in his test for a Silver medal, Lee has made it no secret that Gentleman is a bit tricky, and he found that going into the tests there. Lee has been on top for so long, people often say it’s not getting to the top that’s the hardest, it’s staying there, and that certainly is true!