Sophie Well’s London 2012 Story Continues…

 The 1st September was the first day for individual medals. Tash was early in the Grade IIs again, so I was there early to cheer her on! She rode fab and got a great score, but the 2 German riders put up strong performances which ended up a very close Silver and Bronze in the end. When we found out Tash had won Gold, Lucy jumped on the back of my scooter and we scooted round the other side of the stadium to see her, I knew she would be crying and her mum Lorraine, and then we were all crying. I tell you, it’s catching!! It was what we had dreamed of, and I was so proud of her for doing it! I don’t think I have ever cried so many happy tears for someone else when Tash got on the podium and got her medal, hearing the National Anthem. I was a mess! I had to have serious words with myself after that, as I was pretty exhausted that night, and couldn’t waste any more emotional energy!! Noki went well again in training, we did enough to get him ready for the next day’s competition, but not too much so he would be tired! It’s a fine balance! The British team are so lucky to have the support of UK Sport and Lottery Funding to enable us to have so many support staff to help us do our job. Mark Fisher, the saddler, was there every time I rode to alter the saddle if necessary, as Noki had changed shape through ‘fittening’ up in the last few weeks, so we had a few slipping issues, but all of them sorted immediately by Mark.

Lee went well in his test for a Silver medal, Lee has made it no secret that Gentleman is a bit tricky, and he found that going into the tests there. Lee has been on top for so long, people often say it’s not getting to the top that’s the hardest, it’s staying there, and that certainly is true!

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