Sophie Wells’ London 2012 Paralympic Blog

“Well it wasn’t the easiest run up to leaving for London! I was getting Noki out for the farrier on the Monday before leaving on the Thursday and I took his boots off to find a splint sticking out of his leg! Obviously I was slightly panicky, but we trotted him up and he looked good, we lunged him and he was fine, we prodded and poked, and he didn’t seem sore. The only way I can think he did it is he crosses his legs and scratches each leg with the other one, not normal, but when he does it he tried to push his stable boots down. There only seems to be so much you can do to wrap them up in cotton wool and stop them self harming!! Mark, my farrier, looked at it and seemed happy, then the World Class Farrier, Ian Hughes, came the next day to shoe Ange’s horses and had a good look at him, and there still didn’t seem to be a problem. Typical when only a few days before we had a home visit from the World Class Vet, Osteopath and Farrier. This was also after the last day of substitution, where I could swap for my reserve horse, Reece, so thank goodness everything was ok. I had my last few gym sessions with my Biomechanics coach Teresa Dixon, having recovered well after being kicked by Reece, and I definitely felt I was going into the games as fit and strong as I have ever been.

We left for the official meeting point, Mark Perry’s Arrow yard, on Thursday 23rd, to get there for 3pm. I came to start the lorry after it was all packed, and nothing! Arghhhhhhhh! Timing!!! So we spent the next hour on the phone to Dad so he could talk me through connecting everything to jump start it. I was quite proud of myself that I managed to do it on my own and was thankful I had an emergency breakdown kit in the lorry! So we then got Noki on the lorry, an hour and a half late, and we were half an hour down the road when I realised that with everything going on, my last job was to get Noki’s ice boots out of the freezer and I had forgotten! So a quick call home, and Amie had to drop everything and try and catch us up. In the meantime we had to stop for fuel and we were in two minds whether to turn the lorry off in case it didn’t start! So finally we were on our way, hoping that we had had our share of bad luck…”

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