Learn more about Para Dressage

Para Equestrian has been developing as an international sport over the last 25 years.

Para Dressage is open to all riders with disabilities who have been classified by either RDA or FEI via the Para Dressage Committee. Para riders may take part in able-bodied competitions using their compensating aids with a dispensation certificate. There is no age limit on participation.

What are the different classifications?  

Para dressage riders have different classifications to determine how the physical disability affects the function of the individual. Individuals are assessed by trained, certificated physiotherapists following internationally agreed criteria. Riders do not need to be mounted to be classified but classifiers will observe the athletes mounted to check the viability of their decisions.

Riders who compete in para dressage are classified by their physical disability, not their riding skill.

They are rated according to their disability profile and classification, receiving a “Grade,” and then are judged against other riders who have been given the same Grade. The Grades are Ia, Ib, II, II, IV with Ia being the most seriously impaired and Grade IV the least.


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