Asmar cheers on our sponsored Games athlete

Naturally at Asmar Equestrian we are cheering for the Canadian and American nations to do well at the Games, which yesterday hosted the dressage Grand Prix.

Asmar-sponsored American rider Adrienne Lyle was one of three riders competing at the dressage Grand Prix at Greenwich on Friday; she posted a respectable score of 69.468; “He was rather on edge today. I am basically pleased with him…” she said afterwards of her ride Wizard. We are thrilled to be supporting Adrienne and wish her all the luck in the world at Greenwich!









American team mate Tina Konyot riding Calecto V posted 70.456, while last-to-go Steffen Peters with Ravel rocketed to the top part of the scoreboard with 77.705. His result put the USA in seventh place, and him in sixth place individually, in the overall rankings.

For the Brits, Richard Davison showcased a typically polished performance to gain a score of 72.812, while British rider Charlotte Dujardin pulled a spectacular test out the of bag that scored an Olympic record breaking 83.663, and put her in the lead.

The Canadians are currently in tenth place after gaining marks that didn’t challenge the top scorers – Ashley Holzer took 71.809 with Breaking Dawn at her fourth Games,  while on Thursday her team mate Jacqueline Brooks with D’Niro scored 68.526, while David Marcus was sadly and perhaps unfairly eliminated, after his horse Capital spooked at a rain poncho-clad cameraman. Very bad luck, David.

The action at Greenwich today concluded with Charlotte Dujardin for Britain in first place; Adelinde Cornelissen for the Netherlands in second; Helen Langehanenberg for Germany in third; Kristina Sprehe for Germany in fourth and Carl Hester for Britain in fifth. The team placings are Great Britain in first, followed by Germany, and then the Netherlands.

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