Entry 5 from Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, from the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final

Asmar equestrian-sponsored rider, Sophie Wells, recently attended the Frankfurt 2011 Young Riders World Cup Final in Germany, which was held from 16 – 18 December 2011. We are serialising her diary entries over the next week:

The day of competition had dawned. We were called in and the spotlights really hit you as you trot in, with how bright it is. You suddenly become quite aware of all the eyes on you. The test started well, it was the individual which we are not so well practiced with, as the team test is more commonly used, but before we left , my trainer Angela spent the week breaking the test down into sections and really analysing it, sending me off the homework each night.

Some of movements were the best Noki had done, such as his canter pirouettes, and some of the work was not as good as he could do, and his mouth did come open a few times; but overall I was pleased with it, thrilled with how he coped with it all, and over the moon when our score came up with 68.3%. With 5 high powered judges at such a competition like this, I was so happy. We came 6th in the end, which was an amazing placing considering the best in the world for able bodied young riders were there; my aim was to get into the A final for the freestyle which was the top 7, and I had done it.

It was also encouraging that 4-7th places were only separated by mistakes, which shows the potential. We didn’t quite realise that the prize giving was straight after the class, so we rushed back and got his tack on and me back dressed again in record time, to get there in time, and I was so glad of because the prize giving was something else what with the spotlights; it was dark with them flying all over, but Noki so took it in his stride, and wanted to show off when we went for the lap of honour. I felt privileged to be there in such good company.

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  1. What a lovely report and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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